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Coat of Arms Added

I keep meaning to post an updated design for the coat of arms, but always find something else getting in the way of it.  So for now I have added the official coat of arms from the Reher Community page at

Official Description: Gold and red divided in a 2:3 ratio. The top displays three side-by-side green, black rooted juniper bushes (which look like romaine lettuce), the bottom a golden border horse.

History of the design: The design of the coat displays features which are characteristic and meaningful to the community of Reher. The three junipers shown in the upper third of the emblem are in reference to the Reher Kratt nature reserve, where there are woody plants such as juniper. The appearance of the border horse symbolizes the significance and importance of many years of trotter horse breeding in the Reher community.

Family Tree Updates

Husband, Children and Grand-children of Cathi Sue (Reher) Gullette added.

Cathi Sue (Reher) Gullette (daughter of Clayton and Ila (Enis) Reher spelling corrected.
Miscellaneous birth dates and locations corrected within the immediate family of Hans and Emma Maria Dorothea (Reher) Scheel. Additional updates within the Scheel family are pending additional research and verification.

Family Tree Updates

Children of Riley and Roma Evelyn (Reher) Stephenson
Children of Darrel and LeMay Emma (Reher) Duryee
Children of Robert and Arlene Ann (Reher) Rohweder
Children of Arthur and Caroline Wilhelmina (Reher) Johnson
Children of Kenneth R. and Donna (McGee) Husman
Children of Robert E. and Norma (Henk) Husman
Children of Otto and Doris (Robertson) Husman
Children of Galen and Beverly Ann (Husman) Nelson
Children of Kenneth and Dorothy Jean (Husman) Lilienthal
Children of Gerald and Sandra LeMae (Nelson) Mensik
Children of Bernard and Rogene Ann (Buettner) Harders
Children of Darwyn Dean and Barbara (White) Buettner
Parents of Teresa Catherine Buettner
Additional Descendants of Ernest Otto and Anna Reher

Philip McCoy Haussler (birth date)
Sophia Fredricka Rohlf (middle name added)
Lucille Mildred Binning (middle name added)

Family Tree Updates

Children of Ralph and Sylvia Irene (Reher) Peters
Children of Ronald and Sharonne (Welch) Reher
Justin Bechard (huband of Heather (Reher) Bechard
James Harding (husband of Jamie (Reher) Bechard
Kevin Reher (son of Roy and Carol Reher)
Dawn (Dent) Reher (wife of Alan Willis Reher), children added
Children and grand-children of Gary Gene Reher

Brooke Bechard (name and gender corrected)
Gary Gene Reher (name corrected)
Patti (Reher) Low (spouse and son)